Find Your Purpose Based Online Business


Find out how to convert your career and life story into valuable digital assets using the POVAR Niche Matrix!


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During this live webinar, you will 

Learn how to combine ALL of your offerings for the best financial return

Dscover the tried and tested process digital businesses use to scale and profit online

Learn how to become a key person of influence in your own micro niche

Discover the fastest path to financial freedom and a life of adventure through online coaching

Learn how to attract, inspire and lead your tribe so you never walk alone

You will see how leading your own purpose based business will make YOU like YOU a lot

This Training Is For You If You Want:

This intensive training is for you if you are prepared to break away from the 'normal' way of life and take that leap! If the time has come for you to become someone new, someone bigger, someone bolder, then you're in the right place.

  • To live and work remotely on your own time and own terms
  • Make a positive difference in the issues that matter the most to you
  • To be free from the rat race, choose your hours and your pay
  • Live a life of purpose and leave a legacy that makes you proud!

About The Niche Matrix

The Niche Matrix evolved from hundreds of private niche discovery sessions with Stacy. In the old days, the sessions were done using large table sized mind maps. 

They were not only inconsistent in their method, but they also took many hours and a lot of energy to complete. The Niche Matrix is a structured and efficient way of extracting the same information from you, from your career and life story.

Your micro niche business (or new career) comes from the analysis of your life story. The full story...

This value packed intensive training is FREE and includes: 

  • A FREE download of the Niche Matrix
  • Instructions on how to complete it on your own
  • How to validate your new niche idea using Goolge
  • Training on the benefits of a scalable online coaching business
  • How to design a sales fulnnel for a digital business
  • And finally, how to grow your business to $100k pa +++

“What if I can't attend the live webinar, but still want to find out if the Niche Matrix will work for me?”

You don't have to be present for the live webinar to get all the benefits from this awesome intensive training. Enroll and watch the replay video at your convenience - you'll receive the entire presentation via a link in your follow up email, along with a pdf copy of the Niche Matrix, bonus downloads, and access to the facebook group. We know your life is busy, and we designed this program to work within your schedule. 

About Your Instructor

Stacy N Henderson

Stacy believes that everyone has the power to change his or her life and make a living from serving their purpose. He has made it his life’s mission to share that possibility with the world. 

Financially free from the age of 33 and the owner of 3 successful online and offline businesses, Stacy is a true example of what it takes to live a global life of adventure and inspiration. He now spends his days speaking, teaching and hosting various workshops and events in an attempt to help others be free in their life as early as possible. 


 You can have it too! Don't just sit around watching as others live your dreams on Instagram...

7 PM (Sydney time), WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20th or JULY 4th or 18th

Can't attend live? No worries! Sign up and get the Niche Matrix and video replay via email.