Introducing: The All New Niche Matrix!

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  • Rewrite Your 'Made-Up' Life Story with this transformational analysis tool  
  • Discover How To Make The Fastest Money with this unique data-catcher  
  • Double Your Payrate in 12 Months by discovering you're highest paid offering 

Video #1 - Overview And Thought Process

In this video I give you and overview of what to do and how the process works. I propose a couple of bits of pre-work for anyone who wants to take it to the advanced level and put in some extra effort.

》You shouldnt start filling in your Niche Matrix until you have seen the first 3 videos. Feel free to come back to the Results Video after you have filled in the first section of boxes.

Be sure to complete the Red Tab at the bottom of the worksheet when you begin to fill in your own Niche Matrix.

20% Complete

Video #2 - The Ikigai Section

In this video I explain how to 'Find Your Purpose' by using this spreadsheet as a place to explore what you have to offer.

I use my personal answers as an example and I explain how I picked them in detail so that you can see how to pick yours.


  • You don't have to start in the top corner and work down the page. Feel free to fill in any of the boxes in whatever order comes naturally to you.
  • Feel free to use short sentencs or single words.
  • Working fast while in a good mood, without any distractions is the best strategy.

IKIGAI (see wikipedia)

"The source of value in one's life or the things that make one's life worthwhile."

"Thing that you live for."

"The reason for which you wake up in the morning."

40% Complete

Video #3 - The Startup Section

In this video I show you how to expose all the entrepreneur skills you never knew you had!

I use my life as an example and I explain for you what to put in each box and my reasoning behind the selections I made.

》 Remember, you don't have to start in the top corner and work downward. I have seen people struggling in my workshops with that approach too many times. 

Fill the boxes in in which ever order comes natural to you.

60% Complete

Video #4 - Converting The Data Into Epic Ideas

In this video I explain how to mix up the magical soup of your life!  

This a-little-bit-longer video has 3 sections to it:

  • Start Tomorrow 00:00 You'll learn how to add some of the best 'assets' together to clarify one specific way you can help one secific type of person.  
  • Start Next Year 03:09 I explain how you can evolve your 'Start Tomorow' answer into a monetised business that can scale as you grow.  
  • Do Forever 05:31 Finally I show you how to use all of your 'assets' to build a dream life and legacy business / charity / project that you can immerse yourself in for many many years to come.

100% Complete

What to do next:

  • Can you imagine doing a self discovery process like this EVERY WEEK?
  • What would your life be like if you could actually have the online business you can now see is possible?
  • How long do you want to wait to be free from the rat race and to live a global life of making a difference in the world?

The Niche Matrix is only the first step in our 12 week Business Fast Start program.

Join us for 12 weeks and compose your future with a super smart group of entrepreneurs working on the same process as you.


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