Master Your Money

Save $5,000 In 12 Months Or We Refund Your Ticket Price*

Poor people TRY to save. Rich people use a SYSTEM that saves for them. We know this system works and are prepared to guarantee YOUR results! 

Here's how the course works:


Complete The POVAR Finding Zero Worksheet

Discover the honest truth about your own personal finances with our crowd-built cashflow analysis tool.  


Set Up Your Automated Smart Banking System

Build the smart system into your existing internet banking. A system that works while you sleep!


Be Held Accountable With 4 Weeks Of Support 

Connect with others on the same financial journey with our weekly online support teams.

What’s covered in the course?

Hack The Banks

How to build an automated savings system utilising the online software your bank has already given you.

Regain Control

How to know your cost of living (down to the dollar) so you never have to run out of money again.

Have A Better Life

How to afford and justify the life you really want while following the #1 Golden Rule of money.

Learn in and outside of the classroom:

2 Hours

Learn WHY and HOW on the day

Financial mastery requires that you understand the psychology, habits and systems of the rich. 

4 Weeks

We make sure you do the WHAT

If you don't get the system fully set up on the day - we'll be there for 4 weeks to support you. 

3 Months

3 months access to the online course

You also get 10 X more detail with the included online version of the course 

1 Year

Get the latest developments for free

Our worksheets are always evolving. But don't worry, we will send you out updates for free!

Ready to master your money?

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Note: The Smart Banking System worksheet is an Excel file, which opens in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets (a free online tool from Google).