Get clarity for 2020 in under 30 mins with this simple 3 step system!

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  • Get Rapid Results with the same process we've used with thousands of paying clients - for FREE.  
  • Design your life with 3 Magical Mind Maps that have been refined over hundreds of workshops.  
  • Includes a Video Short Course guiding you step by step through the process. 

Video #1 - Overview

In this video I explain the basic overview and show you how our example client, Billy, has completed the worksheet and how his results look at the end.

Be sure to complete the Red Tab at the bottom of the worksheet when you begin to fill in your personal figures.

Video #2 - The Calculator

In this video I how you how to use the calculator at the top of the worksheet with a few easy to grasp examples.

Use the calculator at the top to work out how much each of your expenses work out to on a per week amount. 

Only type your figues into the grey 'weekly' boxes. All of the formulas are built from them. Do not type anything into the white boxes.

Video #3 - Your Results

In this video you will learn some of the life changing features of this worksheet.

You will discover:

  • How much your life costs
  • Your passive income target
  • Your Money Mastery Score
  • Your 5 hour work week hourly rate
  • And much more!

Video #4 - Conclusion

In this video we cover:

  • The top mistakes people make when doin this worksheet
  • Why you should guess and do it as fast as possible
  • Why there are NO business expenses in this worksheet
  • How to get elp
  • The basics of 'The Money Game'

What to do next:

We run regular webinars in which we cover more details about this workheet, plus much more.

Register for he next webinar by clicking below. We use Zoom and the weinar runs for 60 minutes.

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This is not financial advice

This excel sheet (and corresponding events) is intended to be a simple tool that enables you to get a fresh look at where you spend your money. It in no way makes any suggestions as to here you should spend your money and does not offer any financial advice whatsoever.

We are not financial advisors

Before doing anything with your money, you should always seek qualified professional advice from someone you trust. Stacy and POVAR are not qualified to advise you on your finances. You will be required waive your rights before working with us.