Life Design - Make 2019 Your Best Year EVER!!

The epic tried and tested formula to take you from where you are today to where you really want to be in 12 months from now! (Even if you currently have no idea where that is!)

Make 2019 Your Best Year EVER !!

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Manly, Wednesday 16th Jan | Syney CBD, Friday 18th Jan | Maroubra, Monday 21st Jan | Crows Nest, Wednesday 23rd Jan | Bondi Beach, Wednesday 30th Jan

Who Is This Event For?

#1: People Who Want To Start Their First Business

Discover how to find the best business model for YOU + the products / services that are perfect for you due to your life story and career history.

#2: People Who Have A Big Life Project To Get Started

Stop feeling bad about not getting that BIG LIFE project started! Come and finally get that pen to paper and launch that project to the world with a BANG in 2019!

#3: People Who Are Unsure What To Do With Their Life!

Been through some big change recently? Divorce, redundancy, illness, moved to a new place? DESIGN the next move - dont leave it to CHANCE!

Gabrielle Wade

"I'm at a stage in my life where I need a kick up the backside! This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to believe in themselves again!"

Daniel Lewis

"Stacy has a very good approach at looking back at what you've been through and what your skill sets are - and can show you how to project that into the future"

Here's What You Will Get At The Event...


This is the #1 word we hear fom our graduates. Get clarity on what 2019 means to YOU and what to do to begin...


Many of our workshop attendees say they discove a passionate life purpose through our work.


You will mind-map your life history and uncover golden nuggets of wisdom that you can package and SELL.


Spending a whole day sharing your dreams and ideas with people aways builds wonderful new friendships.


Once you begin your project (which you will on the day), squandering time becomes a thing of the past!


POVAR events are jam packed with tool and take aways that you can use straight away to improve your life.

Learn The 3 Essential Pillars For Making 2019 Your Best Year Ever!

( Refined and perfected over 6 years and 1,500 attendees to our workshops and live events )

Pillar #1: Know Your FULL Worth And How To Monetise It

  • Discover the fastest way to identify valuable intilectual property (IP) that is already IN YOUR HEAD
  • Learn how to package this IP and create an online buisness from it
  • Copy the secrets of the online entrepreneurs who work remotely from tropical islands around the world!

Pillar #2: Maximise Your TIME and MONEY with Sytems And Tools

  • Learn how to impliment the POVAR Smart Banking System and master your money in 2019!
  • Discover the FREE and EASY way to follow the #1 Golden Rule of money
  • And maximise your TIME with our 7 Day Agreement Teams who will keep you on track for weeks to follow - so you dont just fade back in to the life you had before you came t us!

Pillar #3: Be Clear On Your MISSION And Enrol Your Tribe In Your VISION

  • Discover that voice in you that INSPIRES ohers to rally around your VISION
  • Get hyper CLARITY on what you want in your future so that when you speak people sit up and take notice!
  • Learn the SIMPLE STEPS you need to take to get runs on the board from day one so the people in your life are fired up an want to join you on your jouney!

If You've Ever Wanted To Be An INSPIRATION To The People In Your Life,

Then Here's Exciting News...

"Happiness is the persuit of a worthy goal" Brian Tracey, Personl Development Author and Speaker  

You see, when you're able to speak with passion about something that REALLY FIRES YOU UP in your life - a big life goal you are working toward...

not only do you attract amazing people...

but you actually INSPIRE those around you to step up and do bigger things too!

You will find yourself with more ENERGY, more FRIENDS (real ones), more PRIDE and you are far less likely to waste your time on meaningless crap.

SO at this workshop the MAIN FOCUS is on YOU finding a big fat juicy project that makes you want to scream from the rooftops with excitement! We will have you LEAPING out of bed every morning. We will have you so PUMPED about your project for 2019 that you litterally can't shut up about it and it totally changes your life...

Which 1 Day Event Would You Like To Attend?

Crows Nest, Saturday 12th Jan | Bondi Beach, Sunday 13th Jan | Maroubra, Saturday 19th Jan | Manly, Sunday 20th Jan | Bondi Junction (for self employed people) Monday 7th, 14th and 21st Jan

Learn Directly From The Founder Of 3 Successful Businesses Who Retired At 33

He started as a broke and lonely alcoholic.

From a poor upbringing wrecked with crime, drugs and suicide, it was no surprise that Stacy was a broke and lonely alcoholic at age 28.

But within 5 years he had mastered his industry and built 2 successful businesses that enabled him to retire and travel the world.

Stacy with Grant Trebilco from One Wave

Stacy teaching at 'Life Design'

He figured out how he did it and ran some workshops

Stacy says there were three key things he did that enabled him to master his life. 

He now runs workshops and speaks at events across Australia with the sole purpose of helping others retire early like him.

He now teaches how he retired 30 years early!

Now, 10 years and thousands of students later, he has packaged the process and and offers it up to you!

Through workshops, webinars, speaking on stages, online courses and on his weekly entrepreneur radio show, he shares the secrets of retiring early and living a life of purpose!

Stacy and guests on Bondi Radio

* Note: There will be no other "assistant" trainers taking over. The entire course will be run by Stacy N Henderson.

What People Are Saying About Stacy N Henderson

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Wed 16th Jan 10am - 5pm 

Sydney CBD

Friday 18th Jan 10am - 5pm  


Mon 21st Jan 10am - 5pm  

Crows Nest

Wed 23th Jan 10am - 5pm

Bondi Beach

Wed 30th Jan 10am - 5pm

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Frequently Asked Questions​  

➣ Will it be all theory and talking?

No way - quite the opposite. Most of the day is process based, which means you will be either talking, writing, drawing or a combination of them all. You wil walk out at the end of the day with completed worksheets, mind maps, timelines and a whole new view on the year ahead. These proesses have been refined over many years and thousands of students through our events.

➣ Why is it good for business owners?

Although the processes and information of the day are good for people at all stages of life, there is no doubting Stacy's passion for startups and all things business. Stacy teaches via stories from his life - and considering he is a compulsive entrepreneur then the insights for buness owners (or those wanting to be) are piled on all through out the day.

➣ What if I have no idea what I want? Should I still come?

YES! This course was born many years back as goal setting workshop for a group of people who's key problem was exactly that - they had no idea what they wanted in life. We will start the day with an ancient process that is designed o help you wit this block of not knowing what you want. We are experts at this and you will be amazed at what is really hiding inside your mind...

➣ What do I need to bring with me?

Nothing... except energy and a good state of mind. We will provide water, tea and coffee, snacks and all the pens and paper required for the day. You will have plenty of time during the lunch break to grab some food from a spot close to the venue.

➣ Why did you create this course in the first place?

GREAT QUESTION! It began when Stacy was retired at 33 and spending his days at the Grassy Knoll of North Bondi Beach. People he knew and met would always ask him "How on earth did you retire so early!!??" After answering the same set of questions litterally hundreds of times over a few years he figured he may as well package it all up and run a workshop. So here it is!

➣ What's the youngest or oldest age for people to attend?

We have had amazing results with people from 15 up to retired couples in their late 60's. If you are under 18 you will need to come with a guardian. If you are over 60... you may be asked to do a little share on some wisdom from your life ;-)

The epic tried and tested formula to take you from where you are today to where you really want to be in 12 months from now! (Even if you currently have no idea wherte that is!)

Be The Architect Of Your Life!

Which 1 Day Event Would You Like To Attend?

Manly, Wednesday 16th Jan | Syney CBD, Friday 18th Jan | Maroubra, Monday 21st Jan | Crows Nest, Wednesday 23rd Jan | Bondi Beach, Wednesday 30th Jan