Entraccom: Living With Clarity In 2020

Entrepreneur communities in serviced properties with 6 to 18 rooms under one roof.


The Future Of Entrepreneur Accomodation

For Property Owners

For Tenants (Apply Now)

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A win-win for all parties involved


A long term stable tenant with an interest in improving your property.


With us, agents are optional. We offer 1st class communication and payments.


We attract intelligent entrepreneurs to your area. Increasing property values.


A productive and harmonous home for people with shared values and interests.

A solution for residential properties with 6 to 24 rooms under one roof.  

If you're looking for one long term tenant with an interest in increasing the value of your property while paying good rent, then you're in the right place! 

We offer a long term solution for residential property owners with 6 to 24 rooms under one roof:

  • Large houses with at least 6 bedrooms 
  • Mixed use residential / commercia
  • Small blocks of 3-4 bedroom apartments.

We offer 1 to 3+ year contracts with flexible terms 

We understand your needs as an owner. We've been looking after people like you for over 10 years.  

Why are we such great tenants?

Professional cleaner comes as standard

Every house has a professional cleaner who cleans all common spaces once a week. Keeping your property asset in good shape for longer.

Money management and banking system

Our operating costs are tracked and automated. We're never late on rent and prefer to be well in advance with our payments.

Professional communication

We see you as a business partner. You will enjoy clear and timely communication with us at all times.

Our comprehensive share house agreement

10 years of refinement. Our house agreement ensures everyone in the house or building is ‘on the same page’. We have guidelines that ensure all invested parties are happy.

A housemate marketing system that wins

Our advertising attracts the best. Our ads have been highly successful on Gumtree, Facebook and the biggest paid flatmate search websites for years, giving us greater choice and better communities.

Our online community and coaching platform

Our communities thrive on personal growth. We assist our tenants in starting businesses, managing money and living a better life. This creates a positive impact on your community.

Our key demographics  

Entraccom attracts small business owners and blue and white collar professionals with an income range from $85 kpa to $120kpa. 

We have a one person per room policy. Most tenants tend to have a healthy and active lifestyle with a focus on career and asset development. Our average age is currently 31 with a 50 / 50 split of guys to girls.  

To ensure we attract the best housemates, we are driven to keep your property clean, maintained and well presented at all times. 

We want our tenants to love it so much they never move out. We want you to love us so much you never want us to move out. And we all want to be proud of where we call home.  


Our mission

Our mission is to take the stresses out of share house living for the millions of young and vibrant adults in Australia who choose to live together. 

We strive to eliminate countless shared living friction points that cause unnecessary pain and confrontation amongst friends who would prefer to cooperate and thrive together. 

We aim to teach entrepreneurialism through the vehicle of ‘share house management as a small business’ via our leadership, bookkeeping, marketing and property management training platform.

This helps the environment. It helps keep costs down. It creates a win, win for all parties involved But most importantly, it’s great for the community a the mental health of our members. 


Is Entraccom For You?

  • It's The Future of Entrepreneur Living!  
  • All inclusive and refined over 10 years!
  • Build Your Business Over Breakfast!

  This is an all inclusive long stay house for entrepreneurs and those who wish to start their business journey in a fun, like-minded community of high calibre friends. █ Welcome to Entraccom! Ⓡ █ The future of entrepreneur living! 🏡 This mansion is 4 minutes walk from the Bunnings in Randwick. There are epic cafes. restaurants, a supermarket, petrol station and pharmacy right there - not to mention the famous Dog Hotel which has 2 for 1 nights and that lovely local pub feeling all the time. 👫 We have a community of like minded people living in harmony. There's only 1 person per room in the house (which is a massive house) so it never feels crowded. 👫 We love to eat together, socialise together and sometimes even work together. 👫 Your privacy is important too, as is your happiness! We have well proven systems in place to ensure that you stay happy for as long as you stick around. ⭐ Think Serviced Apartment Meets Coworking Space ⭐ -------------------------- ⛔ But it's not for everyone: ✔ This opportunity is specifically designed for: 1. People who have an established business and want an understanding living scenario 2. Highly skilled corporates who are ready to start their first business. 3. Coaches, consultants and freelancers who are wanting to scale up ❌ It is not for: 1. Ultra spiritual enlightened gurus 2. People in their first 2 years of a network marketing business 3. Backpackers, couples or heavy drinkers In addition to an all inclusive share house set up, we have bundled together, for the first time, business coaching as part of the community culture. ⭐ Your rent includes: The House: - All bills (elec, gas, NBN, water) - Weekly professional cleaner - All shared consumables (kitchen, bathroom and laundry consumables all supplied in bulk each month so they never run out) - All appliances and common furniture (some rooms can be furnished too as required) - Common maintenance and upkeep of property (pool, gardens, tech and the like) Your rent ALSO includes: ⭐ Startup Training: - Weekly online group business coaching - Online courses in finance, goals and all things business - Direct access to a range of coaches - Guest speakers and VIP invites to local entrepreneur events 💰 Plus Bonus: - We love to host regular workshops, business breakfasts and events in the coworking room in the house. You get VIP access to these training events too! - We encourage you to host your own business related events at the house and will support you in doing so. 💰 Plus Bonus 2: - Our goal is to find you ways to offset your rent with a side income. We're experts at that and it's a key component to what the house is about. -------------------------- ❓ Who are we? Stacy Henderson: Founder of startup coaching company, POVAR and Share House Solutions Matt Hill: Venture Capital and senior business coach Chris Sulfa: Founder of Studio Blueprint and professional marketing and events expert. Rachael Moore: Founder of Rainbow Tribe events and local celebrity of women's community events Michele Davies: Customer Service and tenant liaison Reggie Mars: Customer service and business development 💖 We are an all Australian crew with a passion for the future of startups and the mental health and wellbeing of our peers. We're all successful business owners and believe that true entrepreneurs are made at home with: - good daily habits - support and accountability - easily accessed resources and guides - harmony, safety, and a clean, reliable, quality home life --------------------------- ⭐ Think of it as a cross between a serviced apartment and a coworking space - with extremely competitive pricing! Send me a message now and I will send you a link to the google docs application form. 📱 Otherwise, send me an sms or call whenever 📱

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