Choose Day Catch Up


You said you would do it. But you didn't do it. Now you feel bad.


Stop feeling bad. Get a support team today!

Ideas on making your life better.

Coaching on getting the important things done in life.

Tools to help you achieve results you want.

A team to hold you accountable to your word.

Join us this Tuesday night from 8-9pm - for FREE!

Limited to 21 people per night so be sure to be on time!

Is it time for you to take action in your life?!

Here's how the Choose Day Catch Up works:

Choose Your 7 Day Agreement Choose an agreement for the next 7 days. One that is going to help you to feel better, get great results and make real progress in the direction you desire.

Includes Coaching On Ideas Stacy coaches on business, purpose, money and goal setting every night. Use this time to validate your idea and confirm your next steps.

Get A New Buddy Team Each Week Making an agreement with people you don't know can be surprisingly powerful. You'll be randomly buddied up every Tuesday.

Join The Winning Community The POVAR community is loaded with thought leaders and change makers from all walks of life. Be connected with people doing epic shit every day.

Words from those who've been joining us (and loving it)

Real succes by real people who are part of the POVAR tribe.

"Having a ton of good ideas is a normal thing for me. Impressing people with my ideas is even more normal... But geting off my ass to actually do something about them? Now that's a differernt story all together!

Joining the Choose Day Catch Up every week (and following the instructions!) has totally transformed my life.

Knowing what to do is one thing. Being held accountable to actually doing it has taken me from idea to reality in more than one business already. Super grateful!"

- Liam Stephens

"I've always been a passionate student of personal development so I consider myself to be a pretty proactive person. But having someone checking in on me every day to make sure I'm doing my agreement... That has been worth all the years of study combined."

- Jane Rickards 

"I initially joined in the Choose Day sessions because I was launching my first business and wanted to meet other entrepreneurs. Turns out it has become my favorite part of the week. Thanks Stace!"

- Angela Koury 

"Who would have thought that making an agreement with someone I've never met would actually go on to rock my world!? Such a simple but powerful process. Stacy really understands this stuff. Give it a shot."

- Kagan James

Join us this Tuesday night from 8-9pm - for FREE!

Limited to 100 people per night so be sure to be on time!

What would your 7 day agreement be?

Here's few common examples from previous members

  •  20 push ups per day
  •  10 minutes of meditation before I turn on my phone per day
  •  5 minutes on my tax every day
  •  Do my affirmations in the mirror every morning before breakfast
  •  Write 10 minutes in my gratutude diary each night before bed
  •  Tell my kids I love them every day
  •  Floss daily
  •  Make sure my phone is on airplane mode from 9pm each night
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