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Increase your savings rate by 10% with this FREE online course.

FOUNDER: Stacy N Henderson

POVAR offers a series of transformational products and a community of entrepreneurs addressing the big issues in mental health, social disparity and the environment.

If you're ready to take the leap and build a lifestyle business that serves, scales, and stands proud, then POVAR has excatly what you need.

Our Entrepreneur Accelerator System Is Simple

#1. Master Your Money

So you can escape the daily grind and afford the time it takes to forge a new path.

#2. Design Your Life

So you are motivated to take the leap and make the changes you see are necessary.

#3. Monetise Your Purpose

So it becomes a self sustaining enterprise that delivers you the life you've designed.

Take control of your personal finances, life purpose and entrepreneur journey with POVAR!

Get Results Today On The Things That Matter

Solve one of the biggest problems in your life right now with one of our qucik-fix online courses - totally FREE!

NOTE TO STACY: The ideos below contain testimonies, case studies and an overview of the product. These are the same videos that are used for facebook ads. Woop woop!!!

Master Your Money

Increase your savings rate by 10% in less than 30 minutes with this FREE online course.


Design Your Life

Get clarity for 2020 in under 30 mins with our famous 3-step-mind-map life design system.

Monetise Your Purpose

Find the best place to start your online business with this FREE transformational life analysis tool.

What We Stand For

The time has come for an honest and simple system to enable good people to do good things with their lives. 


  • We love to set people free from the drudgery of the rat race and help them fulfil their life purpose with passion and pride.
  • We love to help you build an honest business that inspires your audience to join your tribe and mission. 
  • We love to see you take inspired action and lead a cause for good in the areas that you are most passionate about.


  • Manupulative sales processes that coerce you into buying overpriced products that don't deliver.
  • Network marketing schemes that promise the world while their horid statistics are kept secret.
  • Pop-up-gurus in persuit of profile and profit over the needs of their clients and comminity.

If you have a passion to make a difference in mental health, social disparity or environmental issues, then we have the training and tribe for you.

Start Your Entrepreneur Journey With Us

Enroll in one of our transformational programs and build your entrepreneur future in our super lean startup ecosystem.

The 3 Night Life Design Retreat is ideal if you are aspiring to start your own business or redesign the direction of your life.

The Business Fast Start Program is a 12 week, results driven, entrepreneur program designed to get you real traction with your business, fast.

Entraccom is a place for entrepreneurs to call home. With coaching, support and friends in a professional serviced share house.

Our Proud Partnerships

Circus of Ideas

Bondi Radio

Happy Budah Retreats

Studio Blueprint

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