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POVAR, led by Stacy N Henderson, is a community and set of tools and resources for skilled people looking for more freedom in their lives. If you're ready to quit the workforce and build a lifestyle business that scales, then POVAR has excatly hat you need.

The POVAR Career Accelerator System is simple

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Life Design

When you can visualise the path that will get you the life you want, doing the work to get there becomes second nature and things evolve fast and joyfully. We provide you with both the clarity and tools to ensure you live an incredible life of passion, profit, power and purpose, while always ensuring you serve the world and its people along the way.

Your purpose in life is to create as much joy as possible with the tools you have at hand.

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The 3 Night Life Design Retreat is iIdeal if you are aspiring to start your own business, flesh out your big idea or if you are at a crossroads and unsure of what’s next.

Master your daily habits by joining one of our 7 Day Agreents Groups. Designed to get your life back on track and moving with focus.

The Business Fast Start Program is a 12 week in person and online program designed to get you real traction with your business, fast.

The POVAR Sharpie Club is an invite only high performing mastermind wth other high profile successful coaches. Limited spots. 


The time has come for a trustable and simple system to enable good people to do good things with their lives. No longer do you need to sign up to dodgy network marketing pyramids just to be able to leave your office job. No longer do you need to spend $15,000 on some low value business coaching program that focuses on sales 100 tims more than it does on the life you get as a result. We are here to offer you a better way! Leave your job peaceully. And do something you really love. 

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Accelerate Your Career and Purpose 

Increase your income. Work when and where and how you want. Make a positive difference... And build a future that blows your mind! 

What is Life Design?

"I spent the better part of my life chasing false happiness. A few days into working with Stacy I was able to clear my blurred perspective on life and set my sights on the things that mattered most." 


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